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AllRites is the first global B2B and B2C Media Ecosystem for content rights built on Blockchain technology. It scales trade among content producers and buyers, funding of creative ideas and direct streaming to consumers.

"With the rise of online platforms, there is an incredible hunger for fresh content — AllRites places fresh content at the fingertips of the potential buyers and releases more value for the creator and the consumer."

- Riaz Mehta, Founder and CEO of AllRites

What is AllRites Today?

The AllRites team has worked intimately with industry players to deliver a real answer to some real challenges in the industry. Disrupting a $2 Trillion industry, AllRites envisions a powerful, efficient and scalable ecosystem designed to take advantage of trends in the media industry and the crypto space.

Today, AllRites is a fully functional Marketplace – making discovery, negotiation and closure of a rights package quicker, easier and safer. Operational since July 2017, the AllRites Marketplace has amassed over 20,000 hours of content; making it the largest online marketplace repository of Asian broadcast content.

For content sellers, AllRites is a place where they can find authenticated buyers for their creative content. Directly realizing and optimizing the value of their creativity.

For content buyers, the platform gives them access to an aggregated global catalogue, allows them to search for content, get instant rights availabilities and make offers for program rights; based on their specific content requirement of the genre, region, language etc.

The platform is endorsed by leading international and asian distribution companies; who are hosting their content library on our marketplace. To name a few:

What It Will Be Tomorrow – Enter The Blockchain

In the AllRites Roadmap, we use Blockchain Technology to enable the B2B Marketplace with full transaction capability via smart contracts. Content rights protection will be heightened and AllRites will accelerate the content discovery to delivery cycle from 3-9 months to a mere few hours.

AllRites evolves into a comprehensive B2B and B2C Media Ecosystem that will incorporate RiteStream and RiteFund. These 2 platforms allow consumers to view content and to fund content; respectively; thereby allowing consumers to directly support and benefit from creative concepts that they believe in.

AllRites truly disrupts the content rights distribution industry at its core by fundamentally changing the way content is discovered by buyers, distributed by content producers and consumed by viewers.

AllRites Ecosystem: How does it work?

AllRites solves 3 key challenges in the industry today:

Discover, Negotiate, Close & Take Delivery Of Content.


A global portfolio of content to choose from


Negotiate key deal terms directly with sellers


Make global payments securely on Blockchain


Take delivery of content securely on Blockchain

Power To The People - Consumers Have Their Say


Quick, flexible & easy payment plans. Pay per use.


A global array of content to choose from.


Streaming availability across multiple formats – Mobile, PC, TV.

Democratizing Content - Freedom for Content Creators


A global array of creative ideas to choose from


Decide on creative project that you want to support


Make contributions securely on Blockchain


Benefit from the project’s success securely and equitably via Smart Contracts

AllRites Benefits The Industry and The Community

The AllRites Marketplace empowers content creators by reducing cost of distribution by up to 70% without asking for any exclusivity from the creator. In parallel, the process from discovery to negotiation, to payments, and delivery is shortened from several months to a single day.

For Consumers and the Global Community, platforms like RiteFund and RiteStream allow individuals to directly support and benefit from creative concepts that they believe in.

Why move to Blockchain?

AllRites is a powerful ecosystem designed to take advantage of trends in the media industry and the crypto space. We are the first global, decentralized and fully digital ecosystem designed to unlock the VALUE of content. The underlying technology of Blockchain allows us to simultaneously enable transparent trade among content producers and buyers, funding of creative ideas and direct streaming to end-customers because this immutable, unhackable, distributed database of digital assets is everything the Internet always wanted to be: a fair and public way to store and transfer information.

Blockchain gives us a platform for truth. It allows us to address some fundamental challenges in the industry:

Fast & Flexible Payments

Self-executing Smart Contracts embedded in the Blockchain reduce transaction cycles from a few months to a few hours. The capability to fractionize the ALRT tokens allows for micro-payments that cater to the varying needs of buyers, sellers and consumers.


Transactions between buyers, sellers and consumers are conducted securely because Blockchain has no single point of failure. With the embedded smart contracts, the authenticity of content owners and the associated rights availability of their content is immediately verifiable and can be trusted.

Proof of Authenticity

One of the biggest challenges that buyers face today is with regards to proof of ownership for any piece of content e.g. someone can pirate content and claim it's theirs and sell it. Placing the ownership data on the blockchain makes it safe for buyers to transact with a seller they have never dealt with before.

Transparency of Avails

Today the rights availability information (avails) for titles is not publically available leaving room for unethical sellers to sell the same rights more than once. Placing these on the blockchain ensures transparency and authenticity which the buyer can verify directly without relying on third parties.

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